Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I want to be a ufo

Artists and information will be added over time.

The monster is fantastic, my plan for the future is to start a comic based on monsters from such book covers. I would also like to investigate the idea of making monster puppets and to create a story.

René Laloux, from the amazing film 'Fantastic Planet, 1973'. I want to try and research further to find similar works of animation.

I think this costume is great, especially the goggles and i will construct one myself soon.

One of my favourite science fiction artists, Richard Powers.

Ian Ballantine was the first publisher to recognize [Richard] Powers' genius. Ballantine engaged him in 1953 to do the now famous paperback edition of Arthur C. Clark's Childhood's End. While never a great fan of science fiction, Powers nonetheless found endless inspiration in this genre, and single-handedly revolutionized science fiction illustration. Until then, science fiction illustration had consisted mostly of conceivably realistic representations of alien worlds, but Powers unleashed subconscious imagery that explored the endless possibilities of speculative fiction. Over the course of his almost 50-year career as a science fiction illustrator, he produced an estimated 1,400 illustrations.

Contrary to what one would expect from such a seemingly visionary artist, Powers was also a writer of children's books and a keen sportsman, playing semi-pro baseball until a potentially career threatening hand injury forced him to change to become a highly competitive tennis player. His quick temper was evidenced in his poor sportsmanlike behavior on the court when he would lose -- presaging such tennis bad-boys as John McEnroe." (Hedonia)

I would like to do a powers inspired illustration of him playing tennis against John McEnroe, watch this space.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

a piece of paper i've been placing my pen on

Investigating the possibilities of pyrogarphy, I think i need to invest in better equipment but this is certainly something i wish to persue.

A charactor called 'Wavey Davey' inspired by my brother for his birthday, my first look at how i can manipulate my work through the use of the evil computers.

I have a huge interest in 13/14th century illustrations and always strive to try to move my work within the aesthetics of this age but i am still a long way off understanding the motifs and use of imagery, but this was another learning process. I don't like this drawing.

This was an idea i had while reading one of my many dog eared books, probably the only drawing that i have completed that i can still look at and feel a certain success in achieving what i saw in my minds eye.

This drawing was inspired by the work of the mighty Utagawa Kuniyoshi. I have a huge interest in Japanese artists, another artist i have a great appreciation for is Hokusia especially his drawings illustrating the odd spirits and folk lore in Japan.

This work is one of many drawings i like to do involving robots and centered in my huge and growing interest in science fiction.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

art school wanks

First year, Leeds Fine art course

These photographs are from an exhibition I curated at the end of the year, collaborating with artists from all three years on the fine art course. It was named Jiggery Pockery.

Second year

This wasn't a productive year for me so this was a fitting piece i made at the end of the year.

Final year

Recorded performance of myself naked completely covered in shaving foam apart from where you normally put shaving foam.

Recorded performance, Arm and Hammer was part of the ADHDvideo Exhibiton theartmarket Merion Market Leeds, May 2007.

This work is an example taken from a series of works investigating object function and meaning, these works included sculpture, drawing, performance and video.

Profiling a development in my working practice. A movement towards investigating meaning and function within a space and the possibilities of such to shift and alter.

Video Piece 'Let' made from the exhibition/performance/event by the same name. The subtitles that accompany the video are a transcription from a sound work relating to the piece, this was made from the communication exchanges, made in order for me to gain authorisation to put this event on within the university buildings.

This piece named Stimulant, was an attempt to animate a mug tree and also create a sound through the colliding of cups. This was an additional work that was part of creating a space for displaying the video work 'Let' for my degree show. The other work as part of degree show i made the decision to not document and the performance will only be known to those that witnessed it.

Leeds Met Gallery 'moving on' exhibition 2008
This was my first paid exhibition, fantastic! but i didn't that i wasn't involved in any of the making of the structures for presenting the work.

I was in the Yorkshire evening post, I was most upset that I hadn't taken into consideration that perhaps it would have been more interesting for me to wear something more exciting than a suit. If I ever make it into a paper again I will put this error right.