Tuesday, 14 September 2010

art school wanks

First year, Leeds Fine art course

These photographs are from an exhibition I curated at the end of the year, collaborating with artists from all three years on the fine art course. It was named Jiggery Pockery.

Second year

This wasn't a productive year for me so this was a fitting piece i made at the end of the year.

Final year

Recorded performance of myself naked completely covered in shaving foam apart from where you normally put shaving foam.

Recorded performance, Arm and Hammer was part of the ADHDvideo Exhibiton theartmarket Merion Market Leeds, May 2007.

This work is an example taken from a series of works investigating object function and meaning, these works included sculpture, drawing, performance and video.

Profiling a development in my working practice. A movement towards investigating meaning and function within a space and the possibilities of such to shift and alter.

Video Piece 'Let' made from the exhibition/performance/event by the same name. The subtitles that accompany the video are a transcription from a sound work relating to the piece, this was made from the communication exchanges, made in order for me to gain authorisation to put this event on within the university buildings.

This piece named Stimulant, was an attempt to animate a mug tree and also create a sound through the colliding of cups. This was an additional work that was part of creating a space for displaying the video work 'Let' for my degree show. The other work as part of degree show i made the decision to not document and the performance will only be known to those that witnessed it.

Leeds Met Gallery 'moving on' exhibition 2008
This was my first paid exhibition, fantastic! but i didn't that i wasn't involved in any of the making of the structures for presenting the work.

I was in the Yorkshire evening post, I was most upset that I hadn't taken into consideration that perhaps it would have been more interesting for me to wear something more exciting than a suit. If I ever make it into a paper again I will put this error right.

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