Wednesday, 15 September 2010

a piece of paper i've been placing my pen on

Investigating the possibilities of pyrogarphy, I think i need to invest in better equipment but this is certainly something i wish to persue.

A charactor called 'Wavey Davey' inspired by my brother for his birthday, my first look at how i can manipulate my work through the use of the evil computers.

I have a huge interest in 13/14th century illustrations and always strive to try to move my work within the aesthetics of this age but i am still a long way off understanding the motifs and use of imagery, but this was another learning process. I don't like this drawing.

This was an idea i had while reading one of my many dog eared books, probably the only drawing that i have completed that i can still look at and feel a certain success in achieving what i saw in my minds eye.

This drawing was inspired by the work of the mighty Utagawa Kuniyoshi. I have a huge interest in Japanese artists, another artist i have a great appreciation for is Hokusia especially his drawings illustrating the odd spirits and folk lore in Japan.

This work is one of many drawings i like to do involving robots and centered in my huge and growing interest in science fiction.

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